Third Census of the United States, Illinois Territory, 1810, Randolph County

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The images were digitized from the Illinois State Archives Roll 30-14. These images were filmed in the incorrect order, with the tops of pages not matching their bottom page counterparts. reassembled the images, so that all of the pages are in the correct order and the top pages match the bottom pages. Where necessary, also adjusted the color of the images to make them readable.

The census includes the name of the county, parish, township, town or city where the family resides, names of the head of family, free white males under ten years of age, free white males from age 10 to 16, free white males from age 16 to 26, free white males age 26 to 45, free white males 45 and over, free white females under age 10, free white females age 10 to 16, free white females age 16 to 26, free white females age 26 to 45, free white females age 45 and over, all other free persons, except Indians, not taxed, and slaves.

Three acts of the United States Congress were passed regarding the enumeration of the third census. The first act established the parameters of the census, including the pay rates for the marshals. The second act changed the oath taken by the marshals and provided for the creation of manufacturing schedules. The third act extended the time frame for submitting enumerations until 03 June 1811.

Randolph County in 1810



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Use the 1809 map below to identify locations referred to in the census. The work was digitized by Cartography Associates. Digital image © 2006 by Cartography Associates.

Randolph County in 1809

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