Tax List of Indiana Territory, 1807

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On 26 August 1805, the House of Representatives of the Indiana Territory passed an act [click here for more information] ordering sheriffs of the counties to count all free male inhabitants by 01 April 1806. The purpose of the list was to assist in the levying and collection of land taxes. If the sheriffs failed to perform the duty, they would be fined $500. For whatever reason, the sheriffs of several counties failed to perform the census in 1806. Due to concerns about the number of representatives in the Territorial General Assembly, the census was raised the following year. A second resolution [click here for more information] was passed on 6 December 1806, ordering the sheriffs of Dearborn, Clarke, Knox, and Randolph counties to list the free male inhabitants of age 21 and upwards. This enumeration was due to the secretary of the territory by 01 June 1807.

The Indiana Historical Society has published a copy of the list along with an index. The book is available from the Society.


Indiana Territory in 1807


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