Proclamation erecting new county of Wayne, 1803


January 24th. 1803. "Whereas by an act of Congress passed on the 30th April 1802. Entitled an act to enable the people of the Eastern divisions of the Territory North West of the Ohio River, to form a Constitution and State Government, and that after the formation of said State, all that part of the north Western Territory which is not included within the Boundaries prescribed for said State, Shal be attached to and make a part of the Indiana Territory; it has Therefore become necessary for the convenience of the Citizens in the newly acquired Territory and for the due administration of Justice, that a new County should be laid off and Established, the Governor Issued a proclamation Establishing the boundaries as follows viz. beginning at a point where an East and west line passing through the Southerly Extreame of Lake Michigan would intersect a North and South line passing through the most westerly bend of the said Lake, and thence north along the last mentioned line to the Territorial Boundary of the United States thence along the said boundary line to a point where a due east and west line passing through the Southerly extreme of Lake Michigan would intersect the same thence west along the last mentioned line to the place of begining and that the said County should be designated and Known by the name of the County of Wayne

And the Inhabitants of the said County shall have and Enjoy (from the date hereof) all the rights privileges and Immunities whatsoever, which to a County and the Inhabitants thereof in any wise appertain; and each and every person within the bounds of said County, who hold Commissions Civil or military under the government of the north western Territory, at the time of the formation of the State of Ohio shall still continue to Execute and Enjoy their respective offices and the Justices of the Court of Common pleas of the General quarter sessions of the peace and orphants Courts shall (until otherwise directed) Continue to hold their respective Courts at such times and places at which they were accustomed to be held under the Government of the North Western Territory, and whereas the Governor has not received Sufficient Information respecting the settlements below the great miamie, to Enable him to form in that tract of Country included between a North line drawn from the mouth of the Big miamie River, the Ohio and the Indian boundary line running from a point oposite the mouth of the Kentucky River, he declares and Ordains that the same shall be attached and form part of the County of Clark, and that such persons within the said Bounds as may have held Civil or Millitary Commissions under the Government of the North Western Territory are hereby appointed to the same offices respectively, in the County of Clark.


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